Monday, 16 January 2012

Review: Soul Seeker (The World of Lasniniar #3)

Original Title: Soul Seeker
Series: The World of Lasniniar #3
Author: Jacquelyn Smith
Publisher: WaywardScribe Press
Published Date: October 13th 2011
Genre: Fantasy

Soul Seeker is similar to The Lord of the Rings in many ways.  But still, the plot is likeable, once you get to know what the book is all about.

The plot takes place in a land where Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Trolls and many other mythical creatures dwell.  In this land, all the lives of the elves were decided or we can say, planned out by a mystical presence called "Quenya".   Iarion, our protogonist, a shadow elf from a place called Melaralva, cannot feel any such connection towards Quenya like all other elves.  So, he roams around the lands for thousands of years, hoping to find his destiny one day.  And then there is The Fallen One, a light elf, who turned to the dark side, by stealing a little part of the Quenya.  When Iarion turns to Melaquenya, where the light elves and the rest of the Quenya reside, seeking their counsel about his destiny, the Lord and Lady of the light elves ask him to go on a quest to retrieve the stolen part of the Quenya, which might help him to know his destiny.

So, a party consisting of Iarion, his friend Barlo - a dwarf from Dwarvenhome, Silvaranwyn - a light elf and the princess of the Melaquenya (the land of the Light Elves) and Lysandir - the Learned One having the power of Fire, starts for the quest.  The rest of the plot is how the team makes friends along the way, fight the enemies and reach the Dark Land, where the Fallen One rules.  The friendship, loyalty, love and sacrifices are awesome.  And then there is deception, treachery and violence.

Most of the characters will be adored for their courage and will.  The war scenes are well brought out by the author.  They are as descriptive as possible, so that the readers can fully take in and remember the full sacrifice and courage of the warriors.  Good to read these kind of fantasy books once in a while.

An engaging fantasy read!


There are four books that are released so far in the series.  The series need not be read in order, as each book concentrates on different realms in the same land.  But forth book, Shadow Stalker, takes place some time after the "Soul Seeker" and continues with the same set of characters.

1.  Light Chaser
2.  Legacy Hunter
3.  Soul Seeker
4.  Shadow Stalker


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  2. Oh my gosh I love Lord of the Rings so this automatically goes in my TBR! Well, after making sure it was good, which your review showed clearly! Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks annavu.. :) Really I am glad that you will like it!


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